Historic Georgetown, Colorado's own RED RAM MIXERS

Our unique mixes and syrups originated at the world famous "Red Ram Restaurant" in historic Georgetown, Colorado.

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Red Ram Mixers

Red Ram Mixers started as a creative idea for a Hot Buttered Rum Mixer from a local bartender at the Red Ram Restaurant in scenic Georgetown, Colorado.  The idea has been nurtured over the past 12 years to create a thriving company known for high-quality, natural products, that are "made with love" in the old-fashioned slow-brewed ways of the past.   In 2010, the company transfered to our family (Brian & Lanette Dykman).  With a passion for great-tasting, natural foods that are good for the body and good for the soul, we are continuing the legacy of the original two products and will be also working to expand to offer additional natural and Gluten-free products. 


For the rest of the history, here is a  message from the creator of these delicious, syrups.


Hi! My name is Mark, and this is my brew. Actually, it has its roots in my grandma's growing up. Back then, in the early 1900s, there was a character seen around the countryside of the Midwest called a "huckster". The huckster's horse-drawn elevated wagon was full of stuff to sell the the rural folk. They would need flour, coffee, salt, sugar and various spices. Sometimes there would be a special treat on the wagon -- brown sugar or even vanilla beans.


My grandmother's grandmother came up with a concoction from the brown sugar and spices that pleased everyone in a different way. Grandpa liked it on hotcakes, my cousins liked in on hand-cranked ice cream, my great-aunt put it in her tea.  Grandma's favorite was stirred into oatmeal.


Now this brew has been reborn.  As a bartender in Georgetown, Colorado, I used my great-great grandmother's recipe to craft a syrup for use in Hot Buttered Rum and other hot winter-time drinks.  This product is the original Hot Buttered Rum Syrup.


Since then, hundreds of people have tried the syrup and made suggestions for its use. I gathered up over a hundred suggested uses of the syrup and created "Sweet 101".   The website contains the original 101 suggestions - I encourage you to find more uses for my grandmother's-grandmother's all-purpose confectionery syrup ---"the sweet staple"...if you will.


I sincerely hope you enjoy this bit of deliciousness as much as we have over the years!


- Mark


Kept in the fridge after opening, the syrup will keep for over 2 years; but we recommend you keep it handy next to your other condiments so you can add to/pour on/mix with whenever you need the sweet condiment.


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