Historic Georgetown, Colorado's own RED RAM MIXERS

Our unique mixes and syrups originated at the world famous "Red Ram Restaurant" in historic Georgetown, Colorado.


Sweet 101 Vanilla Spice Syrup

Glazes & Sauces:

SWEET 101 is the easiest, most versatile, all purpose spiced syrup you'll ever use! We've done the careful blending of the spices for you; now just open the bottle and enjoy it's glazing and saucing magic!

Here is the SWEET 101 simple glazing secret:
During the last 10 minutes of baking, broiling, or frying your chosen meat, vegetable, or fruit dish, add just enough SWEET 101 to coat all sides.
Thats it!
That tiny coating brings out the natural flavor of the dish!


Here is the SWEET 101 simple saucing secret:

Start with 1-2 teaspoons of SWEET 101 added to each cup of your favorite sauce.
That's it! It blends instantly!
Our special slo-brewing process is the key to adding that extra "zip" to your favorite BBQ-Teriyaki-Marinades.


Pour it on:

For pancakes or waffles, simply add a teaspoon of SWEET 101 per cup of batter for a subtle yet delicious taste.

Pour over ice cream:
- 2 scoops vanilla ice cream
- drizzle SWEET 101 on top
- Chopped pecans or walnuts
- whipped cream
- cherry
- enjoy!


Add a teaspoon or two to any flavor milkshake for that extra-extra flavor!


Hot Cereals:
Oatmeal never tasted so good when you top it with a little SWEET 101!
Olde-fashioned brown sugar and spice, yum.



Enjoyed by our customers as a delicious "zip" to their favorite beverages - hot or cold - it blends instantly! Use a little or a lot!

Hot Teas:
Add a couple of teaspoons of SWEET 101 to your favorite herbal tea and experience the magic!


Hot Ciders:
Add 2 tablespoons of SWEET 101 to hot apple or cherry cider along with a pat of butter for a creamy delicious libation! "For kids from 1-92!"


We have a growing list of SWEET 101 coffee drinkers. All THEY ask is that you stir in a teaspoon or two; taste; and join the club!

For more suggestions check our DRINK MIX recipes below! 



Hot Buttered Rum & Vanilla Spice Drink Mix


Here's a short list of recipes using our Drink Mix. Some of these recipes are ours many come from our customers. Please try them yourself and be sure to check here often as we will update this list as more suggestions are sent.


The best "Toe Warmer" in the Rockies!

- 8-10 ounces hot water
- 1 ounce DRINK MIX (2 Tbl)
- 1 ounce Rum or Brandy
- Pat of butter (we like two)
- dash of cinnamon (optional)
- stir an enjoy!


Same as above without "Spirits"



- 8-10 ounces heated red wine (Burgundy works well)
- 1 ounce DRINK MIX (2 Tbl)
- Cinnamon stick (optional)
- Orange Slice (optional)
- Stir and enjoy!

Use more or less mix to taste.


Simple and Tasty.

- 10-12 ounces Burgundy wine
- 1 ounce DRINK MIX (2 Tbl)
- stir
- add ice
- garnish with orange, lemon, & lime



- 8-10 ounces hot cider (apple or cherry)
- 1 ounce DRINK MIX (2 Tbl)
- pat butter
- stir and enjoy!


A blast of summer any time!

- 8-10 ounces water
- 2 ounces lemon juice
- 1 ounce DRINK MIX (2 Tbl)
- garnish with mint sprig
- enjoy.


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